"People join organisations and leave organisations
because they don't like their boss.  What are you
doing to manage the behaviour of the boss?"

Company-Wide, Culture Change Programme

Our award winning culture change programme is still being talked about as “the thing that really inspired and equipped us to work together brilliantly”.


  • Is your vision acting as a guiding force, a mindset, focusing energy and attention?
  • Does everyone know it, think it, act towards it daily?
  • Is it clear, compelling and inviting?
  • Enabling - we being people with us, leaving behind the know-how when we let go.


  • Does everyone get it and their part in it?
  • Is it creating phenomenal team spirit?
  • Is the mission translated into everyone's role?

Values and Brand

  • Are the values, principles, passions felt by internal and external customers?
  • Are the top team modelling the values?
  • How are you using them to empower people to make the right decision?


Deborah's contribution to the easyValue company morale and sense of identity cannot be over-emphasised. Before her involvement the company had a number of areas of antagonism between departments and individuals that were badly affecting the progress of the company. Deborah identified and focused on the mutual strengths of everyone the company and focused our energy on agreed goals.

Martin Blakstad, CEO, easyValue

I worked with Deborah on a number of projects at both BAE Systems and Weatherford International. She is a consummate professional and has a deep passion for delivering personal and organisational development that has a tangible and positive impact on performance. She has the ability to identify key performance areas for personal development and ensures that each element is covered when delivering one to one coaching.

Deborah has an amazing ability to work with a diverse range of leadership challenges and always finds solutions that drive performance improvement. It is as if she has a sixth sense that allows her to gain absolute clarity about what needs to change and then how to deal with that on an individual/collective basis. Deborah has added immense value to both the business and the individual leaders she has worked with, myself included.

Paul Musson, Director Organisation Development, Weatherford International Ltd



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